6 Tips for Using a Clay Bar

A lot of us wash our cars regularly but don’t really spend any time ‘claying’ them. Claying is the process by which we get rid of particles that cling on to the vehicle’s exterior. This includes contaminants like dirt, dust, grime and even acid rain residue. Claying is typically done on painted surface but it works just as well on glass and metal as well.

Claying is done with a use of a clay bar. In this article we’re going to give you some tips on how to properly use one:

Wash and the Vehicle Beforehand

Before you clay your vehicle, it’s best to give it a thorough hosing. This will help you loosen up some of the more stubborn contaminants and thereby make the process go much faster.

Always Purchase a Fine-Grade Bar

Clay bars come in two grades: fine and medium. The former is great at removing dirt and grime and are less likely to scratch the surface of your car as well. A medium grade bar are even better at removing dirt but, in the hands of an amateur, can end up doing some very noticeable damage to the exterior of the vehicle.

When looking for the best clay bar Australia has to offer, always go for the fine-grade ones. With fine grade bars, you can clay your car every month if you wish. However, when medium grade ones, you should restrict your claying sessions to just once or twice a year.

Use the Correct Size Of Bar

While there’s really no harm in using a larger size than necessary, it can be quite wasteful. For the typical sedan, a two-ounce bar is perfect. Alternatively, you can buy a larger one and cut it into size with a sharp knife.

Use Lubricant Spray

When applying a clay bar on your car it’s essential to use some sort of lubricant. If you try to use one on a dry car, then you’ll get bits stuck on the surface. Plus it’s more likely to get abraded as the contaminants and dragged across.

You can purchase clay bar kits that come with matching lubricant sprays. We always recommend sticking to the same brand as the bar. Some people like to use water instead but you’re likely to get more effective results with a spray.

Slide It Back And Forth

Many amateurs make the mistake of rubbing the bar in circular motion. This is more likely to produce scratches on the surface. Instead, you should employ a back and forth motion. Be gentle as well even if you’re using lubricant spray. If you apply to much pressure, you’ll definitely end up abrading the surface.

Fold the Bar Over From Time To Time

As you keep using the bar over the car, the under surface of the former will get dirty after a while. Fortunately you can get fold the bar over in order to create an unused surface. You can keep doing this around three to four with a single clay bar.

As you can see, claying isn’t exactly rocket science. As long as you stick to the above-mentioned best practices, you should have no trouble with it whatsoever.

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