A Basic Guide to Creating Resin Wall Art

The use of resin medium to make gorgeous art pieces are growing day by day. The greatest and most creative one of all is the resin pour wall art that results in a beautiful and luxurious looking abstract piece of art.

While this pouring manner may look similar to that of the acrylic pour painting, there are various differences. Working with resin pour is also slightly more challenging than working with acrylic pour painting. So, if you’re looking to create a wall art for your room with the help of resin, here are a few basic things that’ll help guide you in doing so.

Having the right supplies

Without the right art supplies, you may face troubles and even find it hard to proceed with the process. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you have the necessary art supplies with you. While material canvases are a commonly used base for wall arts, it’s the less preferred and advised choice when it comes to working with resin. Instead, you can focus on getting wooden canvas boards such as birch art boards online.

Once you’ve got the right base, you can proceed to the resin itself. Remember that you need both parts of resin in order for it to cure. Part A is the resin while Part B is the hardener. The other materials you’ll need are measuring cups, plastic cups, stirring sticks, paper towels, colour pigments of your choice and either a blow torch or heat gun. In terms of safety, make sure you have an appropriate mask and a pair of gloves

Setting up the workspace

The key to setting up your workspace is choosing a well-ventilated area to work in. When you’ve got that sorted, place either cardboard box or tray on the surface in order to avoid the excess resin from the pouring from spilling all over. The smartest way to work with resin is to ensure you have all your needed items around you ready for use in order to avoid unnecessary mess and time consumption. Once you’re ready with your workspace, you’re good to go.

Following the process

Measure your resin using the measuring cups and the instructions given on the bottle. Once measured, stir the resin in a slow yet thorough manner for at least a couple of minutes in order to ensure both parts are mixed well. This is the key to a solid cure. Next, use a little bit of the resin mixture to pour a thin layer over the wooden canvas in order to seal the surface.

Use the blow torch or heat gun to rid bubbles. Divide the remaining resin into the plastic cups according to the number of colours you’ve chosen to work with. Stir in the colours well and start pouring them in layers that you prefer and the design you expect it to result in. Finish it off by eliminating the bubble again.

Allow you work to cure for at least 24 – 48 hours and voila! You’re resin wall art is ready to be hung!

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