Avoiding the Pitfalls of Construction Projects

If you are a business that is looking to initiate a construction project you definitely need to be aware of the challenges that comes with said massive projects. It helps to know the kind of pitfalls that you can fall into just so you can avoid them entirely. Given the nature of construction, the unpredictability and the sheer number of variables involved, avoiding challenges is not as simple as it sounds. However, step 1 is knowing.

Surveying Problems

One specific problem that these construction firms must face when executing a massive civil engineering project is coming across a lot of land to survey. Covering a big land for the survey will cost you lots of money and even more time and your project may get severely delayed. That is, however, if you choose a construction firm who does the surveying the traditional way. If you are a client with such a land, it might help you to know the latest technology that is used to survey large areas. This technology is called 3D laser scanning and be sure to ask potential construction firms if they have laser scanning services.

Health and Safety Problems

Unfortunately, this industry is one of the largest for the percentage of work-related deaths and injuries. The severity of the incident can potentially shut down your whole project. It definitely pays to give extra attention to safety. To make matters even more complicated, rules and guidelines required for construction in your specific area can be different from another. Not being aware of these regulations can be a costly mistake.

Environmental Problems

Unexpected natural disasters, water contamination, and weather can also be hazards that you need to be aware of. Of course, most of the time natural hazards cannot be avoided but precautions can be taken against environment problems that you do have control over. We recommend requesting the hired construction firm to carry out a sediment and ground water tests on your site. Civil engineers also have an obligation to be environment friendly. So do you as a responsible citizen. Both

Contract Problems

Damage to onsite property, defects in workmanship, variation in the work that is being done and payment claims can be few of the problems you can face as a client starting a constructing project without prior experience. Step 1 to make your life easier is to select a reputed construction firm. Step 2 is to understand every detail in the contract before you sign it and begin any work. It is important to note that it is the responsibility of the civil engineer to draft the contract.

Government Compliance related Problems

The laws are in place so that your construction will not infringe the freedoms of others, avoid illegality, and protect the environment. What can be frustrating however is the fact that these laws change from city to city, state to state and if you are working on a site in a new area, you need to review their laws to be compliant. One solution is selecting a construction firm that has experience working in that locality.

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