Best Colouring Media for Epoxy Resin

Resin art is becoming a popular hobby these days since people are looking for productive ways in making use of their free time at home. Although this craft may seem complex to those who haven’t tried it yet, resin art is actually easy to learn. When getting started with this craft, be sure that you have all the essential items ready such as resin, moulds, additives, colorants, and many more.

Clear resin is perfect if you have other decorative objects embedded under the resin. However, some crafts call for plain resin only especially if you’re creating a resin inlay project. This is when colorants come in handy. Of course, you wouldn’t want your craft to look plain and simple. Adding colours to it makes it look more beautiful and appealing plus it hides the yellow staining of resin when it is exposed to sunlight.

Not all colorants are well-suited for use in epoxy resin. Here’s a simple guide on the different colorants that work perfectly well with resin.

Special Epoxy Dye

This dye is especially formulated to blend well with epoxy resin. Special epoxy dye come in a variety of colours and is the best colorant for your resin art since it stays for a long time and doesn’t fade easily through time.

Airbrush Paint

If you’re looking for an alternative, you could also use airbrush paint. When using this medium in colouring your resin, be sure to choose highly concentrated ones for a stronger colour. Airbrush paint is perfect if your artwork will be exposed to sunlight since it doesn’t fade easily.

Alcohol Ink

Alcohol ink is also a good colorant for resin since it blends easily into the medium and is highly pigmented as well, producing rich colours in your resin art. However, it is not that fade resistant compared to epoxy dye and airbrush paint so never use it one projects that will be exposed to sunlight.

Colour Pigments

Colour pigments are colorants in powder form and could be sourced naturally or produced synthetically. When buying colour pigments, be sure to look for high quality ones manufactured by reputable companies. Check its label first for light resistance so your artwork won’t fade easily when exposed to sun’s UV rays. If you’re looking for good colour pigment powder Australia has some good manufacturers you could trust.

Glow in the Dark Pigments

Glow in the dark pigments can be used to add detail into your resin art and make it look more interesting and eye-catching. You could use this especially when you’re making resin home decorations. This pigment contains luminous particles which get charged up when exposed to light and then glow when the surrounding is dark.

Glitter Powder

If you just want to add some sparkle or shine to your resin artwork, the best colorant for that is a glitter powder. Although they don’t really colour the resin, they give it a stunning shine with varying effects depending on what type you use.

Make your resin art look extraordinary with these resin pigments and glitters.

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