Best Toys That Foster Your Child’s Creativity

Creativity is one of the important facets that need to be developed during childhood. Fortunately, it is not that hard for kids to express their creative side. Creativity can be expressed in a lot of ways, not just through drawings or artwork.

It encompasses any activity that allows the child to make or create something out of their imagination. As parents, you can nurture this skill by providing them the right toys they need to show their creative side. Here are the top toys that would help encourage your child to think and use his or her imagination and creativity.

Art Materials

Almost every child enjoys drawing, painting or any other artistic activities. If your little one shows interest in arts, you can nurture this skill by providing your child adequate materials he or she can use in making art.

For starters, you can go for crayons and washable markers to make doodling and drawing more fun. Finger paint is also one of the favourites when it comes to art toys. Kids would surely love painting and drawing using their fingers and hands. Although things can get messy with these activities, it could bring out and nurture the budding artist in your child.

Building Toys

For kids who love making and building anything out from their toys, building toys is the perfect match for them. Plain wooden blocks are simple yet versatile when it comes to structure that can be built from them. Legos are a classic favourite for children and come in free-build or kits.

There are also plenty of building toys you can choose from such as building tiles, K’NEX, and a lot more. Play dough is also a great choice because of its versatility when it comes to the possibilities of moulding and shaping it. You may also provide play dough tools such as kneader or play dough cutter to make their playtime more fun.

Craft Kits

For older children, craft kits are a perfect toy you could give them to encourage thinking and creativity. These kits allow them to create things based on their preference and imagination. There are plenty of craft kits you can choose from depending on what your child likes – from rainbow looms, galaxy slime, beaded accessories, origami and a lot more. Aside from the fun experience they will have while creating something, they will surely be proud of their artwork when it’s done.

Musical Instruments

For the young musician, musical toys would definitely be perfect for them. There are plenty of options you can choose from depending on what instrument your child likes. For instance, you can go for instruments such as maracas, tambourines, drums, guitar, piano and the likes if your little one enjoys making music on their own. If your child loves to sing, make it more fun for him or her with a toy microphone with special effects or a mini karaoke machine.

Toys are an important part of a child’s development. By giving them the right toys, you are also encouraging them to develop their skills early on.

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