Different Awnings for a Cool Outdoor Shade

Nothing makes summer more fun than enjoying the good outdoors. From taking a dip in your swimming pool to great backyard barbeque afternoons, there are really so many fun things you can do during these warm, sunny days. Adding a cool shade in your backyard gives you more living space during this season. Here are the different kinds of awnings and perfect ways to use them in your home.

Portable Awning

Portable awnings are a great choice if you’re looking for something that is easy to assemble and store after using. Aside from using it at home, portable awnings are also perfect for picnics or outdoor activities to provide a cool shade where you and your family can rest. Portable awnings come in three types – the umbrella, canopy, and freestanding type.

Retractable Awning

Retractable awnings are the most popular type because of its versatility. It can be installed anywhere in your home and the best part is that you can retract or extend it depending on how much shade you need. You can even keep it aside if it’s not needed. Aside from providing shade, it can also be used during winter to keep an area clear from snow. Check out these awnings online for durable and stylish awnings perfect for summer.

Stationary Awning

Stationary or wall mounted awnings are your best pick if you’re looking for more permanent shade solutions. If you want to set a certain shaded shelter in your yard, a wall mounted awning can do the trick. This type is more durable and it has strong pillars for support, making it withstand rain, snow, strong winds and more. It is attached to an external wall of your home for more support.

Motorized Awning

Motorized awnings are the most convenient among all types when it comes to control and usage. It works well as a retractable awning, but is much cheaper and convenient to use. You can install it over windows, patio, or anywhere you want to add some shade. You can retract or extend it through a remote control. Some models also have sensors that detect strong winds or excessive sun, making it automatically open or close.

Window Awning

If your issue is too much sunlight getting in from your window or your home gets easily warm even if the windows and doors are open, a window awning is the perfect solution to this. Window awnings are sized depending on your window before it is installed over it. Simply open it to keep excess sunlight out and keep your home cooler. You can also use it during rainy or snowy days, to keep precipitation away from your window. Aside from its purpose, some homeowners simply want the additional aesthetic appeal it gives to their home with so many styles to choose from.

Awnings are a great addition to your home. Aside from protecting your home from sunlight, rain and snow, it also gives you more outdoor space to use especially this summer.