Different Types of Commercial Chillers

Commercial chillers are used in many types of industries including medical, meat processing, beverage etc. While these different types of industries have different cooling requirements, they are various type of chillers in the industry too. Some industries require a chiller which is permanently installed for day-to-day operations while some businesses can work with a rental chiller. Here are some of the most common type of industrial coolers used nowadays.

Evaporator Shell and Tube Chillers

This type of large chiller is used for extremely large operations and quite efficient. The evaporative tube and shell design are ideal if you have a space with at least a capacity of several hundred tons. Usually these types of chillers are made of stainless steel and is best suited for the food processing industry. They work well in brewing facilities where the processes require cool temperatures to be maintained.

Plate Evaporator Chillers

This type of chiller is more efficient than shell and tube chillers because they are meant for small scale operations. It makes more sense to get such industrial chillers for rent than buy them. But depending on the need it doesn’t hurt to own your chillers.

The maximum capacity in a plate chiller is around 150 tons. However, you can combine more than one chiller if you have a cooling need.

Reciprocating Compressor Air Chillers

This is another type of chiller used in large commercial projects. They are used for specific applications. The downside to a reciprocating air chiller is that it has many parts and will require regular maintenance. This might run extra operational costs.

However, reciprocating air chillers use the most common type of compressor design and you can get them in a variety of sizes. Since these chillers require regular maintenance you might want to consider renting them out rather than buying. This is because when you rent HVAC equipment the standard practice is free installation as well as regular maintenance. The downside is that you might be paying more over the lifetime of the chiller than outright buying one.

Centrifugal Compressors

Compared to Reciprocating chillers, this type of chiller has fewer moving parts which means that regular maintenance won’t be necessary. Centrifugal chillers are also used in large scale application where efficiency and cost play important roles when selecting the type of chiller.

Like reciprocating chillers, they too come in various sizes to suit different cooling needs.

Screw Compressor Chillers

If you require heavy duty cooling, your first choice should be screw compressor chillers. They are mostly used in the food processing industry. They have a simple design with few moving parts. They can easily be installed even on mobile units and ideal if you are looking to rent.

They are also superb backup chillers if your main chiller is destroyed or has stopped working.

These are some of the most common type of industrial chillers. They are mostly used in the food processing industry but can be used for other specific cooling needs as well.

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