Food Delivery Amidst Covid19: The Basics to Start With

It isn’t surprising to have chaotic days with overloading food orders and delivery amidst the present crisis. Here are some basic recommendations that you probably are practicing already, but is worth taking a look at in order to make food ordering experiences pleasant for you and your customer.

Take Orders Online

With so much sophistication, every restaurant is likely to have an online order system by now, even yours! An online food order system makes restaurant operations more systemized, orderly, and in many ways, smoother. It is also incredibly convenient to customers, and almost costs them nothing to place their food order.

It takes no effort, and is incredibly easier to handle at your end – without any fuss. Nevertheless, a lot of customers still complain about flaws and inconveniences they experience in many online ordering systems. Thus, if you have an existing app, now is the crucial time where you’d need to enhance it and improve its features and performances in order to make food delivery much more pleasant to both the restaurant and its customers.


As safety and zero contact is going to be the largest theme for a good while in the present and the future, you might want to make online payment the default feature in your food ordering/delivery process. When you do so, however, you need to make sure the feature works fine and does not become a troublesome one like it does in many cases.

Once again, the key to this is that you work on the improvement of your app. If you think that your current one isn’t t the best, you can have a brand new one designed by professional in no time. A perfect online ordering app for restaurants of all sizes is what you need to have ready and running for your restaurant and your franchises, if any.

Other Features

Your app isn’t meant for order and delivery alone. As the restaurant business can get more and more competitive in the future, you need to look out for every possible way to stand out and most of all, please your customers who are all having quite a hard time amidst the crisis.

Think about interesting features you could add on, such as ‘leave at the door’ for those who want absolutely no contact at all. Also have options for customers to leave special notes, and feedback too, which is very important for you to build on and maintain great service.

Make Your App Fully Functional

It certainly is great to have an advanced food ordering app with numerous features. However, what’s actually impressive is that every feature is functional. Every feature is open as a means of communication between the customer and the restaurant, and so, they need to work perfectly.

For instance, when you have a feedback section, it is important to have every feedback recorded and responded to professionally, instead of completely ignoring or overlooking it. Thus, as you can see, the app is a way of communicating and building trust with your customer, and so, it’s important that he/she is able to count on it for great service.

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