How to Design A Stylish Nursery for A Newborn?

Every parent wants to give their child the best, even before he or she is born. For most parents, childcare starts with designing a nursery. Parents want to make the nursery practically comfortable, and above all, safe. But what about the style?

Yes, soon-to-be parents, you can have a gorgeous newborn nursery that reflects your own chic style. Here are several ideas on how to go about doing it:

Think Beyond Pink and Yellow

One of the most visible aspects of the nursery would be the shade of the walls. Parents still choose stereotypical colours like pink and blue. Some choose the neutral shades of white or yellow. But you don’t have to limit your choices to these colours.

There are stunning modern nurseries with novel shades like silvery grey, aquamarine, purple, or champagne that add a swanky-touch to the room. These colours may be unusual choices for a newborn room, but can go well with the right décor. Also, the colours are mild enough for the new arrival.

Get Personalised Baby Items

Want to add a luxury touch to the nursery but can’t afford branded items? Then go with personalised gift items like custom baby blankets, pillows with names, or tailor-made newborn clothes. Bespoke items are on the expensive side, but won’t make your broke if you choose the right vendor.

Personalised baby items are great when the child grows up to talk and recognise letters. It would certainly impress the guests as well. And you can take great photographs to show your child in the future.

Make the Nursery Comfy with Plenty of Fabrics

A nursery should be comfy above all else. Fortunately, comfort goes really well with style. Throw in a plush and chic rug in there to add both to the interior décor. Fabric sofas, chairs, lacy curtains, and high-end carpeting all make nurseries feel as comfy as a warm blanket. If you make choose the right items, it can embrace a high-end luxury look as well.

For example, consider the western nursery style, referring to the rustic-chic styles of the modern American west. These nurseries have great looking rugs, comfy chairs, and embrace soft tones. It eliminates the store-brought, artificial style that can creep in when you stuff the room with too many Ikea things.

Invest in a Great Crib or a Cot

The main item that draws attention to in a nursery is the crib or the cot. Think innovatively about these important items to give the whole room a truly unique look.

Instead of the traditional crib style, a modern crib can look like a cocoon, an enchanted pumpkin, a futuristic pod, a mini castle. The shape of the crib can look unforgettable in so many ways without affecting its safety or functionality. You can also choose cool and unusual colours for the crib to make it really stand out.

Don’t Forgo Classic Nursery Furniture

The rocking chair, the recliner, and even the dresser—don’t forget this traditional furniture for the new nursery. They add functionality and also style. While you may not want the vintage styles, there are definitely modern renditions of these must-have pieces that would make the newly designed nursery stunning.

Use the above tips to make your newborn’s nursery and beautiful, functionally, and safe as it can be. Give your child what they deserve right from the start.

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