How to Protect Your Luggage When Travelling

When you are travelling one of the things that you would want to protect at all costs is your luggage, apart from your travel documents such as your passport and tickets. However, in many cases, the luggage is almost always ignored as many people think that modern day bags are made to withstand a lot of abuse. That is not always the case though. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that you consider making your luggage as protected as possible when you are travelling abroad. Here are just some of the ways in which you can protect your bag.

Proper Packing

The first thing that you should consider is the way you pack your clothes. This is important because there can be an instance that your bag can get damaged due to the uneven packing method you used. Always make sure that the wat you pack your clothes are done in a method that would keep the balance of back evenly. This way, if it were to rest anywhere, it is less likely to fall with force. In other words, always try to avoid putting the weight on one side of the bag. Therefore, make sure that your clothes and other accessories are balanced out.


Then comes identification. Did you know that you can make your bag look more safer with proper identification? One of the easiest ways is by putting the fragile sticker on it. This makes the baggage handler to understand that whatever is inside your bag is important and would take care of it accordingly when loading it and unloading in the plane. The other way of doing this is by making your own sticker or other identification elements. This can sometimes be a cloth piece or even a sticker of your own.


To make sure that now one would attempt to open your bag, it is best to always wrap the bag in polythene film. This is often provided in the airport itself as a service to make sure that the bag would not get dirty as well. These are called pallet wrap machines, and they would be able to do the job in a matter of minutes, depending on the size of your bag. You could also do this yourself at home, but it is best to do this at the airport since the machine is more precise.


Then comes the weight management. There is a reason why airlines have baggage weight limits. One of the more popular reasons is because of the fuel burning. The other more lesser reason is the fact that they try to reduce the risk involved in taking the bag. Thus, the reason as to why there are stringent rules to follow. Moreover, it is always best to unload some of the luggage to your carry on to make sure that you would not be charged extra for this.

In conclusion, the mentioned are just some of the ways in which you can protect your luggage when travelling.

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