Important Parts Your Portable Toilet Must Have

You have your own reason for hiring a portable toilet. Whatever that reason may be, what’s important is that the portable toilet must have the necessary parts to avoid any embarrassing situation for you and your guests. Portable toilets are often used for camping, parties or any big outdoor events. If you are buying or renting, make sure that you checked the portable toilets for the following important parts to function properly.


This one is of course hard to miss. Although there are numerous types of portable toilets available in the market. Chemical toilets are waterless toilets that use chemicals and with a built-in waste tank. Since, this type of portable toilet does not use water, a flusher, a water tank and a sink or washbasin is not included. This type of portable toilet is cheaper compared to others and is one of the most preferred type.

Plastic portable toilets on the other hand have a water tank, flusher and washing facilities since it uses water for washing and flushing. There are also portable toilets that could be connected to a sewer. With this type, it could even be used for showering. Some even have a soap dispenser included. There are numerous portable toilets for hire. Just look for what is appropriate for your budget and requirements by searching for Melbourne’s cheapest portable toilet hire.


Flusher is the mechanical part of the toilet that flushes down our waste to the drain. As mentioned above, a portable toilet that uses chemicals does not need to have a flusher. Flusher used in portable toilets is usually the lever kind. You pull it down to flush.

Water Tank

It is hard to imagine a toilet that does not have a water tank or does not use water at all like the chemical toilet. But, if you are planning on buying or renting a portable toilet, make sure that there is a water tank since this is an integral part. Even if the portable toilet is ready to be connected to a sewer line, a water tank still needs to be included to store water before every flush.

Paper Roll Holder

If you are renting a portable toilet for a party or an event, choose one with a paper roll holder since your guests would be needing it after a visit to the toilet. Also, opt for a plastic portable toilet or sewer ready portable toilet since some or the majority of your guests might prefer to use a washing facility.

Sanitation Accessories

Sanitation accessories include deodorizer, disposable seat covers, hand sanitizers, etc. These sanitation accessories are just add-ons and could not be rented or purchased with a portable toilet. Although, if you are renting or buying a portable toilet to accommodate guests for an outdoor event, they would surely appreciate it if these sanitation accessories are included for their convenience.

A functioning and clean toilet is an important factor for your event to be considered a success. No matter how great the food or the entertainment was, if your guests are not able to enjoy it since the portable toilet you have provided is dirty and lacking the essentials, this is what they would remember and would think twice in attending again an event that you are hosting.

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