Protective Clothing You Should Be Wearing In Your Kitchen

Ever watched professional chefs at work? You might have noticed they pay a lot of attention to their uniform and hygiene before they cook. While you don’t have to deck yourself out in a chef’s uniform, there are a few items of clothing you might want to consider having at your fingertips, especially if you find yourself handling a major feast in the kitchen.

An Apron

An apron is a multi-purpose tool. This is a basic necessity in the kitchen- a staple if you must. Why? First and foremost, you’re saving your clothes from many a stain when you don this apron. Secondly, a functional apron is bound to have pockets. If you own a large kitchen and you simply cannot be bothered running up and down trying to find a thermometer or a small knife, you can store it safely in the pocket of your apron and save yourself some time. When looking at aprons you’ll find there’s a whole range of styles. A tip here would be to go for the full-covered aprons rather than the parts as it will give you that extra coverage by protecting your chest as well. Any vulnerable opening is a spot waiting to be stained- we all know how messy cooking can get. You’ll also want to go for one that has as many pockets as possible (higher functionality!). If you want to be less horrified by how much staining your apron has gone through, consider looking up ‘black aprons near me’ when shopping.

Wear Long Sleeves

Wearing long-sleeved clothing helps reduce your chances of getting burned by hot liquids or fire. Chefs often wear jackets for this purpose, but you don’t really have to go to the extent of buying a chef’s jacket- any long-sleeved tee will do. You’ll want to have them fitting and not loose so they won’t catch fire while you’re handling your pots and pans.


Cooking can be quite a hazardous activity if you tend to be careless- and many a cook starts off with the most careless of mistakes. It’s perfectly natural. But you can avoid any burns that come from spilling hot liquids or the pain that comes with dropping heavy objects on your feet by wearing comfortable thick shoes. It also helps to keep in mind that if you’re cooking a big meal that’s going to keep you on your feet for a long period of time, wearing comfortable shoes is a necessity.

Hair Restraints

You’ve probably noticed that professional chefs with long hair often have their hair tucked into caps. While you don’t necessarily have to buy yourself a cap to tuck your hair into, you do want to make sure that your kids don’t get a mouthful of hair or worse- get your own hair set on fire. It might sound ludicrous but it does happen if you’re not careful. Any methods that keep your hair away from your face will do- so essentially make sure you have your hair tied back when you step foot into the kitchen.

These are the most basic yet essential of things to have on you when you head into the kitchen. Remember, stay safe and be hygienic!

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