Refresh Your Home with These Fun Summer Paint Colour Ideas

Summer is one of the best times to give your house a fresh, new look. If you’re getting bored of the monotonous look of your home, why not try something new like fun summer shades? Here are some cool ideas you might want to try out.


Coral is a great colour if you want a light and calming atmosphere. You don’t have to create girly-themed decor when using this hue. You can simply use it as accents or incorporate it with stylish patterns for bohemian summer feel.


Jade is a top choice among interior colours. It’s soothing and easy to the eyes. It also has a cooling effect, perfect for warm summer days. Incorporate jewel colours to your decor and walls plus some potted plants for a nature-inspired theme.


Marigold is a perfect colour for the dining area. Aside from the vibrancy it gives, it also sets your mood for eating. Bright yellow can be overwhelming when used too much. Tame it by using contrast colours on the mouldings, furniture and decorations.


When you want small spaces in your home to have a bold appeal, pink is the best colour. It gives a soft, romantic touch to a room without being overwhelming. Use neutral colored decors such as white or light brown to balance everything.

Sea Green

This colour is great to use on bedrooms and places where you relax. Using a pale green paint on your bedroom wall gives a peaceful and tranquil feeling, helping you relax and zone out easily. You may also use it as accent colours on the curtains and linens for a bright and airy look.


Bathrooms don’t need to be boring with that traditional all-white theme. Liven up this room by using citrus colours. You can experiment with different hues or use patterned designs for a more playful theme. Don’t forget to use home accessories that contrast this bright colour family.

Soft Blue

Another great bedroom colour idea is soft blue. It works the same with green in calming your nerves. You’ll surely get relaxed by just staying in this dreamy room.

Pistachio Green

This is a perfect living room colour idea. Paint the walls with this lovely colour for a bold statement. Opt for white or light brown accents and decor to tone it down and give a tranquil aura.


This colour is perfect if you’re looking for unique paint ideas. Indigo is best used in receiving areas, especially if you want it to look classy. Contrast its depth by adding silvery accents for a more sophisticated style.


Bold colours such as violet help make tiny spaces look bigger. Paint your favourite nook with these and accent it with contrasting colours such as yellow.

Rose Gold

Who said rose gold is only for ladies? You can make a room look stylish and romantic with the wonderful combo. Set rose pink as the main colour and accent it with a few gold-coloured pieces for an elegant style. If you need a good paint job done, get in touch with services like Painless Painting who are the best in Southern Australia. They can cater to all your painting needs. Whether it’s for domestic or commercial use, they surely have the best deal for you. Drop them a message to get free advice and quotes.

There are no rules when it comes to picking paint colours for your house. As long as you love it and it looks great, then it’s perfect.

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