The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your City Clean

Here are some tips to follow if you want to keep your city clean and free of pollution.

Why It Is a Big Deal

One reason why most developing or less developed countries haven’t been able to experience economic growth as much as developed countries are because they haven’t been educated, neither have knowledge or skills that will help them to make more money. They don’t even know the consequences of polluting the environment and using up both renewable and non-renewable resources. Most people cut a lot of trees without replacing them with planting. If trees are used up at a faster rate than they can produce then it could lead to a shortage which would cause global warming. Most of the countries have been facing this. It is time that consumers get more aware of the problems that they could face if they don’t take care of their environment. For example, if more people keep buying cars then there would be a lot of traffic congestion and even the air we breathe might not really be clean. This is why it is important for both the government and consumers to know that if they harm or pollute the environment it is a big deal and hence they will have to face greater consequences.

Government Interference Is Needed

In order to protect the country government will have to interfere. For example, if there are firms that damage the environment by using up non-renewable resources and also polluting the air then the government needs to take some serious action towards them. They could charge taxes on them, this will increase their cost of production which would be passed onto consumers in form of higher prices. Consumers will respond to this by demanding less which will therefore help to reduce damage done to the environment. The government also needs to make necessary arrangements and ensure there is a dustbin in every area. This will ensure that people use them instead of dumping their waste on the road. Countries like Australia have Sims skip bins in Melbourne which help reduce rubbish removals. Another thing government could do is release tradable pollution permits. This would give a limit as to how much carbon emission a company can release, those firms who are below their limit can sell their shares to the company who releases more carbon emission. This would encourage firms to be much more efficient and also take measures to clean up the damage they have done.

Encourage More Recycling

Most of the people today use a lot of plastic despite knowing how bad it is for the planet. Plastic materials could be used all our lives but we simply dispose of things like water bottle and straws just after one use. This is why governments should encourage individuals and firms to recycle more by offering them subsidies. Goods that give external benefits such as electric cars should be cheaper than the cars that run on petrol. This would encourage consumers to switch to hybrid cars which will in turn be beneficial to the environment.

Lastly, everyone’s efforts count so just because your friends and family use plastic and don’t recycle don’t mean that you have to follow their footsteps, it is rather important to be a responsible citizen.


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