Things to Know About Living with A Toddler

Indeed, your patience level is tested to the maximum, if you have made it through the phase of a unique lifetime experience of having a toddler. Life with a toddler is like heaven in disguise. They bring so much blessing and are a bundle of joy in the family they are born to- as if they are born, just to spread the love.

A toddler rules all in some way or the other. Either by dropping dad’s favourite ornament or staining your new clothes- they are live examples of disaster makers. Yet, in spite of that, the journey is worthwhile!

Having a toddler means the house is never inactive again. They move around the house, they accompany all and play with them, they keep spreading happiness. On the other hand, they have endless tantrums. From screaming their lungs out for no apparent reason – to ruin whatever looks new-they know their game. 

Moreover, they keep you on edge with their naughty behaviours. Mostly, by meeting with accidents such as falling off from the bed, or bouncing into the wall. 

 It is the stage when babies start exploring, trying to interpret, and somehow, they then tend to get a bit stubborn with this newly felt independence.

The ultimate outburst

The climax of their tantrum is always over the food! Either the shrieks are for not liking the food or because they mistakenly dropped their favourite meal. Here are some methods to have full control over their food mood swings.

How to handle the toddler’s meal tantrum:

Don’t react immediately to the mess

Let your toddler eat peacefully. Serve their meals in stickie bowls that will stick to any surface. Now you don’t have to worry about them dropping the dish. Also, if you are thinking about the mess she makes while eating, make it a point to clean it after the meal is over. This way the toddler is not continuously disturbed and they can concentrate on their food. 

Lessen their hyperactive and excited spirit

As we all know, once we are in a mood, it is a blast! It is the same with the kids; this sort of high energy suppresses their appetite. Hence, they are least bothered to eat as their focus is to play around. Therefore, you should give your toddler a calm activity to do 20 minutes prior to the meal. That works best to reduce the energy. 

The quality of the food

It is a must to serve them healthy meals as they are in the early stages of growth. Therefore, ensure to serve at least one healthy fruit or vegetable in every meal. In case your toddler doesn’t enjoy the taste of it, find alternative ways to serve it to them. For example- you can use the veggies and make a soup, or give them a juice made from the fruit your toddler wouldn’t eat. They don’t tend to distinguish the hidden ingredient. 

However, these are just the way how things work. Said that toddlers have a unique way of spreading joy with their little actions.

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