Ways To Make Money With A Drone

If you are looking for another source of income or thinking of changing careers with more flexibility in time, you should consider the various ways you could make money with a drone. Yes, with this new advancement, there are numerous ways you could get your money back from buying the drone.

You could try and sell aerial stock photos, aerial wedding photos, aerial marketing photos and aerial inspection of facilities that are dangerous for people to personally inspect.

Sell Aerial Stock Photos

One of the ways you could make money with a drone is by selling aerial stock photos. Stock photos are sold and used by thousands of websites. And since there are businesses on the tourism industry that would need aerial photos of nature and famous touristy spots and historical landmarks, selling aerial photos of these is lucrative and your only expense would be for the drone and the travelling expenses going to these attractions to take the photo.

If you are serious about making a career out of this, you should invest in a high-quality camera that is best for aerial shots. You can attach this to the drones so you could take high definition photos. Be creative and look for angles that have not been captured yet especially if you are taking photos of a famous landmark.

Take Aerial Wedding Photos

Wedding photography and videography is another career industry that has also been benefitting from aerial photography. A lot of brides and grooms are now looking for drone operators that could take photos of them during their wedding from an awesome perspective. Since it is a very important milestone, they would want to have photos that will capture every moment of their special day.

But, the competition in this industry is competitive so you have to be original when it comes to your photos. It would help if you have an idea of the venue where the wedding would be held so you could have an idea of where the unique spots are so you could plan the shoot beforehand.

Take Aerial Marketing Photos

Aerial photos of resorts, real estate properties, hotels are perfect marketing and advertising tool to showcase all the good points of these vacation places and land and buildings. If you manage to get these companies and enterprises get business from their clients because of your photos, they would likely hire you again for their other ventures.

Do Aerial Inspection

Aerial land surveying is another option for drone owners. Utility companies hire drones to inspect remote stations, electrical lines and other facilities that might be considered dangerous for people to go and do. With a video transmitter and high definition camera, inspection of these facilities became easier, safer and cheaper.

These are just some of the career options or side hustles you could do when you have and know how to take good aerial photos with a drone. You just need to be creative and different from others so you would have a constant surge of clients willing to hire you for your skills and talent.

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